Stanton Millennium Committee

The Millennium Committee (“MC”) was set up in 1998 to oversee and organise the Millennium
celebrations in Stanton St Bernard.

After the Millennium celebrations and the ninetieth anniversary party of the village had passed, revenue was still being earned through the sale of “The History of Stanton St Bernard” book and the hiring of the marquees to the villagers and any profit generated from general village events. These general village events exclude events organised by the Church or the Village Hall Committee solely for those two bodies.

At each Annual General Meeting any funds that the MC deemed surplus were distributed equally between: the Church, the Village Hall and the village of Stanton St Bernard accounts.

Approximately £18,000 has been raised, distributed; and village assets including the marquees, shipping container and electric organ have been acquired.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen and to those that have joined in the fun.

After all, coming together like this is the reason why Stanton is such a special place to live.